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“I can’t say enough about the care I receive in this office – the staff exhibits a genuinely caring attitude. They are always, welcoming, warm and friendly and I have deep confidence in Dr. Rozema. I have had several procedures performed by Dr. Rozema over the years and I have always been very satisfied with the results. I am also aware of the many hours Dr. Rozema devotes to professional learning, both as a teacher and as a student. This continued devotion to new ideas and techniques is a positive sign of the type of care patients can expect to receive from him. When it came time to have implants, it was a “no-brainer.” Just go with the best.

I needed implants because my permanent bridges did not work for me anymore. These implants have been an excellent solution. I have better chewing ability, better stability for the opposing teeth, better looks and most certainly the confidence that this is a long-term solution to my dental needs.”

-David Evans


CharlieVenable“I had so many problems with my teeth – they were badly broken down, I had occlusal collapse and my old dentist had placed a veneer that stuck out and didn’t match my other teeth. My teeth were even falling out and breaking. My wife recommended that I go see her dentist, Dr. Rozema. He outlined a treatment plan that included root canals, occlusal work, bone grafting, crowns and implants. Everyone was helpful, kind and respectful and worked hard to keep me comfortable. In fact, I became quite ill and the only time I actually felt good was while I was in Dr. Rozema’s office having my treatments with the nitrous oxide gas! It took about a year to complete but it was worth it. I smile more now and I actually get compliments on my teeth!”

Charlie Venable


“My previous dentist caused serious problems in my mouth: I had horrible pain. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t know what to do! After a while I realized that instead of fixing the problem, he was only going to hurt me more. I went to my periodontist for help and was eventually referred to Dr. Rozema. In spite of the recommendation I was terrified. I couldn’t stand the thought of him touching my mouth!

Dr. Rozema took over my care, orchestrating my treatment plan with a team of specialists to restore my mouth. He took me through every step of the process showing me my x-rays and pictures so I could get a clear picture of what was going on. He was so careful and gentle, used Nitrous and I actually had no pain at all. Because of him I am free of pain. I can sleep. And I get compliments on my smile all the time! Dr. Rozema was a blessing to me and needless to say, he will be my dentist until he retires!”

Jamie Venable


ShirleyCalhoun“I used to always be tired, grumpy and in pain. You could see the pain in my face all the time and I was taking pain medication constantly, but the pain was there anyway. I could hardly open my mouth! My husband had been to see Dr. Rozema and found him to be excellent. I was still terrified at first but Dr. Rozema was so compassionate and competent that I immediately felt comfortable. I just felt that he really could do what he said he could do – get me out of pain!

We worked on adjusting my bite first and then I had my full upper arch repaired. It took a couple of years to complete the entire process but I could feel and see results immediately! He is such a perfectionist and you can see it in my smile. I am so much better, I smile much more and I am almost completely pain-free. I think Dr. Rozema is the best dentist – just fabulous – he’s changed my life!”

Shirley Calhoun



“I received Tetracycline as a baby, which left my teeth stained and deformed with old

bonding from the 1990’s. I wasn’t aware that my teeth were also worn down from grinding for a long time. All of a sudden, I discovered that I couldn’t close my jaw! I had severe headaches and couldn’t eat anything except soft foods like applesauce and smoothies due to jaw pain for over a year which led to significant weight loss. Even after the correct diagnosis of TMJ, I was referred to several doctors, ENTs and dentists as nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I found Dr. Rozema. As soon as I started seeing Dr. Rozema and using the bite splint he made, I starting improving dramatically. I was drawn to Dr. Rozema’s attention to detail, personalized treatment plan, and family atmosphere at the office. He took a conservative approach that emphasized keeping my natural teeth. Dr. Rozema demonstrated genuine empathy and optimal patient care. For example, he gave me his cell phone number and told me to call anytime. On several occasions, he called me at home just to check in on me. My treatment plan included the custom bite splint, physical therapy, a bite adjustment along with veneers, and to top it off, a whitening. I have found relief and I can finally eat! I have no more pain, no more meds and I smile so much more. Dr. Rozema was a Godsend!”

Kim Gehle


MikeTice“I was always the one in family photos that didn’t smile. It made me feel like the odd man out. I am also an educator and I know the power of a smile but I always hid mine. It wasn’t just that my smile was unattractive, it was also causing me a lot of pain. I had TMJ problems that caused facial and neck pain and needed to be remedied. I was also missing two teeth and had tetracycline discoloration. It was simply uncomfortable and embarrassing.

I was very apprehensive when I was first referred to Dr. Rozema and had a hard time letting my guard down, but it didn’t take long to realize I had finally found the right place for my dentistry. Every step of the process is discussed in detail – you can talk freely and never feel worried about asking questions. I actually enjoy my time here. The treatment is conservative and there are no surprises. I had a bite adjustment with bonding and shaping, crowns and even a whitening. Now not only are my TMJ issues improved, I also have a better smile, one I can share with everyone around me.”

Mike Tice


PatriciaNall“I first visited Dr. Rozema in the 1980’s for routine dental care and maintenance and have continued ever since. Everyone in his office cares for your needs with a personal approach as they go out of their way to make patients comfortable.

My adult teeth grew in very crowded and became slightly discolored. Dr. Rozema advised that my resulting tooth sensitivity and cosmetic condition were all things he could help correct. In 2007 I agreed to undergo procedures only if any work done matched my other teeth.

Over the following months, Dr. Rozema created proper space between my teeth by placing veneers, crowns, and bridges as needed. He also whitened everything a few shades. I now have less sensitivity and my smile looks completely natural. He really is an artist with his work.”

Patricia Nall


NoelCoker“My veneers were over 20 years old and needed repairs. I absolutely did not want drill-and-fill dentistry, so when a Pankey dentist in Illinois recommended Dr. Rozema, I was very relieved.

I quickly became friends with the dentist and his team. He explains your status and the reality of your current situation so you always know what is happening. He is so good about educating and spending time with you. So when he said that before he repaired the veneers and did any cosmetic work, he wanted to take care of all the underlying issues such as my clenching that was cracking the veneers, that was fine with me. At last, we re-did all my veneers. They are so healthy looking and feeling and not at all overdone. I am thrilled with the results and the whole experience!”

Noel Coker

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